Large Diameter Tubing
Instock Cylinder Tubing

Company Profile

Our doctoral-level engineering solves the toughest challenges with superior customer service that offers ongoing assistance from prototype through production.

Amalga Composites HQ

Amalga Composites is one of the country's largest independent filament winding operations. Our 80,000-square-foot manufacturing facility is equipped with three 200 x 40-foot overhead crane bays, six production lines, three coating/painting areas and complete machining capabilities to provide customized, high-volume output for both domestic and international orders.

Since 1966, Milwaukee-based Amalga Composites has been a leader in the design,
engineering and manufacturing of:

• filament-wound composite pneumatic
   & hydraulic cylinder tubing
• engineered composite components built
  to specification
• fiberglass epoxy tubing
• reservoir quality tubing
• oil industry composite products
• military composite products
• water composite products
• launch tubes
• cores
• rollers and shafts
• electrical tubing
• compression molding
• resin transfer molding
• pressure vessels



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